The Drau Cycle Path - from Toblach to Maribor

The Drau Cycle Path runs from the source of the Drau in Toblacher Feld, Italy, for 366 km along the eponymous river, through East Tyrol and Carinthia to Maribor in Slovenia. There are plans to extend the path from Maribor to the Danube delta on the Black Sea in the medium term.

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Dobbiaco – Lienz

The first section takes you from Dobbiaco / San Candido (Italy) to Lienz. This part of the trail was the first to be built and is still one of the best developed today.

Lienz - Greifenburg

On the second section, you have a total of about 40 km in front of you. The route takes you past pretty little churches, magnificent Renaissance buildings and Roman archaeological sites, such as Aguntum.

Greifenburg to Spittal

This section of the path is about 38 km long. History and nature lovers can look forward to several highlights in this area, such as Porcia Palace and the heritage museum in Spittal/Drau.

Spittal to Villach

From Spittal to Villach the Drau cycle path is well developed and also very well signposted. For much of this leg it runs along the banks of the river.

Villach - Ferlach

Before you reach Rosegg and the site where Hallstatt graves were discovered, you should try your luck at Velden Casino. The Drau cycle path then takes you mainly on long, straight causeways through Rosental, a picturesque valley. Impressive rocky outcrops, castles and lakes are the landmarks in the landscape. The highlight of this stage is the town of Ferlach, a gunmaking centre that is not to be missed.

Ferlach to Lavamünd

The last leg of the Drau cycle path also promises a great deal of variety. A common feature here is the steep wooded slopes down to the Drau, which is why the route often runs slightly further away on little-used roads.

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