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Sehenswertes neu laden


Enjoy the sight of a piece of living space returned to nature from the observation tower.

Drau Ferry

Take the traditional ferry to cross over.

Kärnten Card

Gunsmiths‘ and Hunting Museum

Experience the gunsmiths’ tradition of Ferlach, retrace the steps of local and foreign wild animals.

Villach Fish Ladder

Watch how fish are helped to overcome human structures such as dams.

Birdwatching Wernberg, loop of the River Drau

Watch and get to know the natural habitat of birds from peaceful points by the River Drau.

Föderlach Biotope

Look out for the 120 species of birds in the unique, 10.4 ha shallow water biotope.

Vogel.aussichts.reich Stausee

Experience exciting moments from the birdwatching hut, which is partly located on the water of the reservoir.

Zikkurat Drauwelle

Discover an old system of hills, the Zikkurat, and enjoy a view of wide stretches of the river from the top.

Bridge views and wonderful flowers

Cycle from the bridge to rare types of flowers such as orchids in the Natura 2000 area.

Greyling Rest Thymallus at the Waidisch brook

An oasis of peace and quiet with an insight into the world of fish in the Alpine brooks where a brook flows into the River Drau.

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