Gunsmiths‘ and Hunting Museum

Gunsmiths‘ and Hunting Museum
Gunsmiths‘ and Hunting Museum

Experience the gunsmiths’ tradition of Ferlach, retrace the steps of local and foreign wild animals.
The museum presents the gunsmithing trade and the myth hunt. Besides historic weapons the museum shows many trophies of local and foreign animals of the Horten and Dr. Hellmuth Reichel collections.

Following the hunter’s tracks – special theme days – appointments upon request.

Opening hours & prices

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15/05-15/10, every day, 10am-6pm; 16/10-14/05, Tue-Fri, 2pm-6pm; closed on holidays
visit duration: ca. 1-1,5 h

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Büchsenmacher- und Jagdmuseum
Schloss Ferlach
Sponheimer Platz 1
9170 Ferlach

Telefon: +43(0)4227/4920 oder 2600-31

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