The parish church of Sillian

The parish church of Sillian, once part of the old parishes of the Innichen area, was of nearly the same size as today's deanery.

Engildinus was the parish's first pastor in 1212. The first church was consecrated in 1326 and rebuilt in 1441. The gothic Saint Mary statue at the high altar (Sillian was once a shrine of St. Mary), the pointy church tower and the buttresses have remained from the gothic equipment. In 1759-60, the church was lengthened westwards and 'baroquized'. The frescos and altarpieces were made by Tirolean court chamber painter Josef Adam Mölck, the 14 statues of apostles were carved by East Tirolean sculpturer Johann Patterer. In 1893, 1930 and 1951, the church was restored, and the cemetery was extended west. In 1985, the gallery was removed and a mechanical slider-chest organ (Picher-Steinach) was inserted. In 1995-96, the church was generalized. A free-standing altar was built according to specifications furnished by Sillian-born artist Jos Pirkner. The statue of St. John of Nepomuk at the church's gable and the statue of Petrus Canisius were carved by Josef Pranter from Arnbach.
Now, after its renovation, the church shines in a new light.

In 1921, Sillian became a deanery as a result of border protection in 1919. Today's parish church was built in 1431 and consecrated in 1441. It was lengthened and turned into a Baroque church in 1759-60.

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