Water path Galitzenklamm in Amlach

Already in the 19th century the Galitzenklamm was an attraction for people from near and far. This extraordinary waterfall is now open for the public again.
The visitors of the roaring waterfall can walk along a new path and watch the elemental force of the Galitzen-river. The steep rock faces offer an impressive view at the mountains of the Lienzer Dolomites.

Opening hours & prices

Please find the current opening hours at the homepage.

2,50 - 12,00 EUR (Ticket/Person )

Inhaltsbild Water path Galitzenklamm in Amlach


Ferienregion Lienzer Dolomiten
Europaplatz 1
9900 Lienz
Tel. 0043 050 212400
Fax 0043 050 212400-2

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