The Forest Wonder World of Dobbiaco

The Forest Wonder World of Dobbiaco
The Forest Wonder World of Dobbiaco

The three stations on this forestry adventure trail are located in the grounds of the Dobbiaco nature reserve visitor center: the Forest Wonder World, the Celtic Tree Horoscope and the Tree Village.

Children can let off steam along the way while still absorbing useful information on the forest. Children’s afternoons, adventure outings, talks and nature hikes are organised. There is also an otter slide, a high jump facility and a bare-foot path.

On the Celtic tree horoscope visitors can discover their tree sign and check whether their personalities correspond to those described in the horoscope, while in the tree village they find out about the output of our forests and the differing uses of timber.

Opening hours & prices

 Entry is free of charge.

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Tourismusverein Toblach / Associazione Turistica Dobbiaco
Dolomitenstraße / Via Dolomiti 3
I-39034 Toblach / Dobbiaco (BZ)
T +39 0474 972 132 / /

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