Il tempo oggi, 13. April 2024

  • 03:00 brightly
  • 06:00 partly cloudy
  • 09:00 partly cloudy
  • 12:00 brightly
  • 15:00 sunny
  • 18:00 brightly
  • 21:00 brightly
  • 24:00 brightly

wind in exposed higher regions: NW with 20 to 30 kmph
Very sunny all day and summery warm in the afternoon. Only a few harmless clouds in high levels.

mattina, 14. April 2024

  • 03:00 brightly
  • 06:00 brightly
  • 09:00 brightly
  • 12:00 brightly
  • 15:00 brightly
  • 18:00 brightly
  • 21:00 brightly
  • 21:00 brightly

wind in exposed higher regions: W to SW with 20 kmph
Very sunny and exceptionally warm for this season. Up to 30°C in some places. There are only thin clouds in higher layers.

Monday, April 15

Once more quite sunny, windy and warm. In the evening a cold front approaches from northwest. Increasing risk for thunderstorms in the afternoon in the west, in the east mostly staying dry.

Tuesday, April 16

Overcast and rainy, lots of rain expected. Cooler. In the evening and during the night to Wednesday, the snow line could drop below 1000 m.

Wednesday, April 17

The rain stops in the morning, then the clouds clear partly with strong northerly winds. In the main ridge of the Tauern denser clouds with snowfall down to 800 m.

Thursday, April 18

Partly sunny and mostly dry. Quite cool. light ground frost possible.

Friday, April 19

Partly sunny and mostly dry. Cool, slight frost possible in the morning.

13.04.2024 - 23:55 - Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG) - The weather experts in Carinthia