<p>Drauradweg Slowenien</p>
Erich Reisinger; Drava Bike si
Drauradweg Marburg

Drau Cycle Path terminus in Maribor – return transfer options

The following options are available for cyclists using the Drau Cycle Path to return with their bicycle from Maribor to Carinthia/East Tyrol:

With Slovenian railways, timetable information at This offers a service to Bleiburg in Carinthia. From there, continue to your final destination by ÖBB Austrian Railways (  or tel. 05 1717). The service from Maribor - Bleiburg can also be booked direct on . Warning: There are no trains at weekends, and the last train during the week departs at 14.47 hours.


<p>Drauradweg Slowenien, Maribor</p>
Erich Reisinger; Drava Bike si

By private shuttle taxis.

In Marburg, contact Prevozi 24 h prestige ( or ). Kaerntenshuttle ( or also offers this service.

Drauradweg bei Völkermarkt
The Drau cycle path near Völkermarkt

Drau Cycle Path transfer bus

The Drau Cycle Path transfer bus plies the route shown below (not a scheduled bus).

Departure times:

  • 08:00 am depart from Lavamünd
  • 08:30 am depart Klopeiner See, Tourismusinfo St. Kanzian

Prices: (Prices per person, incl. bicycle)

  • Lavamünd - Sillian € 80.00 per person
  • Lavamünd - Lienz € 70.00 per person
  • Klopeiner See - Sillian € 70.00 per person
  • Klopeiner See - Lienz € 65.00 per person 

Booking and information:
Reservations can only be made through the Carinthia Bike Excursions hotline on the day before the return journey (subject to availability).

Carinthia Bike Excursions hotline: +43 664 530 18 84 

Fahrservice Wospiel Drauradweg
@ Kärnten Werbung
Fahrservice Wospiel

Fahrservice Wospiel

Transportation service (max. 8 people) for Austria and abroad. Comfortable and individual transportation.

Contact Fahrservice Wospiel:
9500 Villach
Tel. +43 660 49 40 960 

Franz Gerdl; Kärnten Werbung

Departure times: (May to October)
08:30 Lavamünd, Gasthof Hüttenwirt
09:00 Klopeiner See, St. Kanzian


  • Lavamünd - Sillian € 80.00
  • Lavamünd - Lienz € 75.00
  • Klopeiner See - Sillian € 75.00 
  • Klopeiner See - Lienz € 70.00 

Booking and information:; Hotline +43 676 84499933;


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