Southern Carinthia (Ferlach/St. Margareten - Lavamünd/Dravograd)

The idyllic expanse of the valley is mirrored in the beauty of the water.

The Jaun Valley is like a fairy-tale with its whispering deciduous forests and mighty conglomerate rock. It is the heartland of Carinthian Slovenes, a melting pot of cultures, characterised by its diversity of culture and landscape. A gem of a landscape, lovingly tended by its inhabitants. For long-distance cyclists this is a welcoming place to relax in increasingly hectic times.


From Ferlach, the Drau cycle path follows the blue-green ribbon of the Drau to the east towards the small towns of Völkermarkt, Lavamünd and Dravograd. There are many pleasant distractions along the way, as Southern Carinthia is a real water Eldorado: Lake Klopeiner See, Lake Turnersee, calm quarry ponds and Drau tributaries, Völkermarkt reservoir or crystal-clear wild streams - they all offer a cool resting place or somewhere to enjoy a relaxing dip. You have arrived. Welcome to Southern Carinthia!

Detailed information (only in German)

All accommodations of section 5 | Ferlach/St. Margareten - Lavamünd


Lavamünd Rafting Adventure World

Nature and water gem of the Sablatnigmoor

Valentinsfähre Ferry in Glainach

Neuhaus Water Adventure Trail

Wildenstein Waterfall

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