Slovenian Drau Valley (Lavamünd/Dravograd - Maribor)

From the idyllic twists and turns of the Drau to the expanse of the European Capital of Culture, Maribor

After the expanse of the Jaun Valley, the Drau runs through a narrow, densely forested valley from Dravograd onwards. Water, forest and hidden points of interest such as castles and forts characterise the landscape. Many springs and streams have their source at the revered Pohorje, the mountain massif with the most abundant water supply in Slovenia, now a forest nature park, and they bubble and rush down into the Drau. Sleepy villages like Vuzenica, Podvelka or Fala lend this section its special charm.

One extraordinary experience is a trip through the Fala hydroelectric power station. You can also swap your bike for a raft and drift down as far as Maribor, Rafting City 2012. After about 85 km, the valley widens, and you reach the destination of this stage: Maribor. Europe's Capital of Culture 2012, a pulsating university city, and regional centre by day and night. The ambience of this Drau city is unique and peppered with sights such as the cathedral, town hall square, castle and the many beautiful bridges over the Drau. A special highlight on the banks of the Drau: the oldest grapevine in the world, which also makes Maribor a well-known wine and culinary city. A raft, boat, or stand-up paddle trip on the Drau is also recommended. You can't get closer to the soul of the river than this.

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