Drau-Feld/Dravsko polje (Maribor - Varaždin)

Experience the unique connection between nature and culture

The Drau leaves Maribor and flows in its natural form over the Drau-Feld/Dravsko polje, through numerous nature parks. The largest are Drava Landscape Park and Šturmovci Nature Park. Here you can see how the Drau has changed and influenced the surrounding landscape over many centuries. Along the river you will find a few slower and deeper points which are perfect for cooling down. The most interesting places to take a break include the Wakepark Dooplek and Lake Ptuj with its many sporting and recreational possibilities.

Cycling through beautiful fields you will reach the oldest town in Slovenia: Ptuj, which has existed since Roman times. Ptuj has a well-preserved town centre and castle from the Middle Ages, and is also well known for the Kurent - a demonic being which drives away the winter. Relax in the Ptuj thermal spa or enjoy a glass of wine in one of the many wine cellars of the region, such as the Jeruzalem wine cellar in Ormož, the largest winery in the region. After Ormož and Središče ob Dravi, you will reach the Croatian border and finally Varaždin, a Baroque town with lots of young people, music, flowers and cycling. The town, which is fondly known among locals as "Little Vienna", offers a well-preserved town centre with a castle and some beautiful parks.

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